Lighting Audit & Retrofits

In your business your lighting is one of your largest building expenses.  For over 10 years we have been providing comprehensive lighting audits and retrofits for our customers.

Whether it’s replacing your existing office lighting to new energy efficient lighting, or replacing the traditional HID style warehouse lighting to more cost effective and better performing fluorescent hi-bays, there are a number of opportunities for you to save on your lighting energy costs.

In the last year the traditional T12 lamp and ballasts are being phased out and will become obsolete in the next few years.  By having us determine, through and audit, energy savings, improved quality of lighting and reduced maintenance costs, you will begin to see the benefits of removing old and antiquated lighting and replace with the latest and most efficient lighting.

Just click here to begin the quick and easy process of getting an appointment to visit your site and perform this “free” lighting audit.

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